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Weston Intermediate School PTO

2018-19 Executive Committee and Board Members*

* Use of the names, email addresses and phone numbers on this list 
for solicitation, commercial or political purposes is strictly prohibited!


Executive Board Name Email
President Katia Colaprico wisptopresident@westonpspto.org
Vice President Daniella Swetland  daniellarc@aol.com 
BOE Representative Julie Ruby ny1jules@gmail.com 
Communications Amy Jansen wisptocommunications@westonpspto.org
Grade Coordinator Marlo Villepigue marlov16@aol.com 
Philanthropy Soli Goodall goodsantos@gmail.com 
Secretary Robyn Tas robyn_tas@yahoo.com
Treasurer Suzanna Quinn suzanna.quinn@yahoo.com
Past President Tammy Roberts troberts@emailcorner.net 
General Board Name  Email
3rd Grade Chair  Daniella Swetland  daniellarc@aol.com 
4th Grade Chair  Maria Nordstrom  mpnord@gmail.com 
5th Grade Chair  Tammy Roberts  troberts@emailcorner.net 
Art & Design Chair  Lisa Lewis  Lisa@lewisfamilyct.com 
Back to School Lunch Co-Chairs  Michele Tivey  mmtivey@gmail.com 
Back to School Lunch Co-Chairs  Pam Cannon  cannonlitserv@aol.com
Book Fair Co-Chair  Jen Morse  jlmorse724@gmail.com 
Book Fair Co-Chair  Alison Wilson  allisonwilson0831@gmail.com
Book Fair Co-Chair  Soli Goodall  goodsantos@gmail.com
Community Service Co - Chairs  Joe Sencen  jsencen@yahoo.com
Community Service Co - Chairs  Julie Ruby ny1jules@gmail.com
Family Fun Night Chair  Jennifer Bernheim  jbernheim@onpurposepr.com 
Fundraising Chair/Spiritwear  Gabrielle Schickler  Gabrielleschickler@yahoo.com 
Jr. Great Books Chair  Stacey Barenberg  stacyrbarenberg@yahoo.com
Lost & Found Chair  Ann Kyle  annmikekyle@gmail.com 
Membership Chair  Catherine Revzon  crevzon@gmail.com
Memorial Day Fair Chair  Jen Morse  jlmorse724@gmail.com 
Odyssey of the Mind Chair  Khyati Patel  khyatijagat@gmail.com 
Publicity Co-Chairs  Jennifer Bernheim  jbernheim@onpurposepr.com 
School Photos Chair  Lisa Lewis  Lisa@lewisfamilyct.com 
School Supplies Chair  Suzanna Quinn  suzanna.quinn@yahoo.com
Science Fair Co-Chairs  Sonja Braun Sand  sbraunsand@gmail.com 
Science Fair Co-Chairs  Khyati Patel  khyatijagat@gmail.com 
Staff Appreciation Co-Chair  Michele Tivey  mmtivey@gmail.com 
Talent on Tap Chair  Robyn Tas  robyn_tas@yahoo.com
Yearbook Chair  Daniella Swetland  daniellarc@aol.com