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Word and Newsflash


WHS WORD contains information on the most recent WHS and PTO news.  It will be emailed to all registered WHS PTO members throughout the school year.  All back issues for the current school year can be found on the Weston PTO website www.westonpspto.org under the WHS PTO tab.
ƒƒƒƒƒƒ¢€¨Submissions (in Word format ) can be submitted for the next scheduled publication and should be sent to WHS WORD editor, Karen Kallins, at .

Submissions will be printed as is; please send reader ready content. ƒƒƒƒƒƒ¢€¨ ƒƒƒƒƒƒ¢€¨Please note, submissions should be relevant to WHS Students and their families (town sports programs, community events or outside sports programs taking place in the Town of Weston).  If there is any question regarding the relevance of a submission, final approval will be determined by WHS PTO editor and the WHS PTO Presidents.


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