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EVERGREEN BALL 2018 - Saturday, December 8, 2018
Invitations have been mailed!  Tickets on sale now, all are welcome!  All proceeds benefit ADAP of Weston. This is ADAP of Weston’s biggest fundraiser of the year!
How do I purchase tickets:
  1. Go to www.westonadap.org,
  2. Click on the Evergreen Ball tab at the top,
  3. Download and print BOTH the Evergreen Ball 2018 ticket form AND parent/student consent form,
  4. Complete and sign all forms (Parent/student form must be completed by ALL students attending. Student cannot enter the Evergreen Ball unless this form is signed and received by the November 12th deadline),
  5. Mail BOTH forms to ADAP of Weston along with payment

Deadline is November 12th!



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