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Hurlbutt Elementary School PTO

2017-18 Executive Committee and Board Members*

* Use of the names, email addresses and phone numbers on this list 
for solicitation, commercial or political purposes is strictly prohibited!

President Marlo Villepigue marlov16@aol.com
Vice President Jamie Mais jamiemais19@gmail.com
Secretary Daniella Swetland daniellarc@aol.com
Treasurer Nicole Copans nicblake29@hotmail.com
Philanthropy Daniella Swetland daniellarc@aol.com
BOE Representative Melissa Walker melissaanddouglas@sbcglobal.net
Grade Coordinator Robyn Tas robyn_tas@yahoo.com
Communications/Webmaster Allison Wilson allisonwilson0831@gmail.com
Past President Katia Colaprico wisptopresident@westonpspto.org
Affiliate Program Chair Josie Cain josiecain123@aol.com
Art & Design Mindy Fierro mindyfierro@gmail.com
Book Fair Chair Jennifer Merced jamerced@me.com
Book Fair Chair Cela Sinay-Bernie  
Book Fair Chair Lori Goertz lgoertz@me.com
Book Fair Chair Lauren Goldberg lauren.may.goldberg@gmail.com
Book Fair Chair Amanda McElliott amandaemcelligott@yahoo.com
Book Fair Chair Julie Kaufman juliekaufman25@gmail.com
Community Service Chair Julie Ruby ny1jules@gmail.com
Community Service Chair laurenkill@gmail.com
Community Service Chair salves2005@gmail.com
Family Fun Events Jennifer Bernheim jennifer@martinbpr.com
Family Fun Events Maria Nordstrom mpnord@gmail.com
Fundraising Chair Daniella Swetland daniellarc@aol.com
Garden Chair Michelle Fracasso michellefracasso@aol.com
ELC Grade Chair Gabriela Laver mrs.gabrielalaver@gmail.com
Kindergarten Grade Chair Kara Schiff kara.schiff@gmail.com
1st Grade Chair Lina Docimo musillia@hotmail.com
2nd Grade Chair Cela Sinay-Bernie  
LRC Mary Bailey Maryalice.bailey@gmail.com
Lost & Found Patricia Manea pdmanea@hotmail.com
Membership/Directory Rose Lovett rkellylovett@gmail.com
Membership/Directory Ning Gao gretchengao@hotmail.com
Memorial Day Fair Chair Karla Krassin karla.krassin@gmail.com
Nursery School Rep Jennifer Roh jennhelms@gmail.com
Publicity OPEN  
School Photos Daniella Swetland daniellarc@aol.com
Staff Appreciation Day Chair Kimberly Gordon kagordon530@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation Day Chair Rose Lovett rkellylovett@gmail.com
Staff Luncheon Chair Robert Johnson robert.johnson1975@gmail.com
Staff Luncheon Chair Patricia Manea pdmanea@hotmail.com
Transportation Melissa Walker melissaanddouglas@sbcglobal.net
Wall Calendar Jamie Mais jamiemais19@gmail.com
Wall Calendar Stacy Kipperman stacykip@gmail.com
Yearbook Chair Danielle Swetland daniellarc@aol.com
Yearbook Chair Kimberly Gordon kagordon530@gmail.com