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Weston Middle School PTO

General Meeting

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Call to Order: A meeting of the General Membership of the Weston Middle School PTO was held on September 5, 2017.  WMS President Britta Lerner presided and Jennifer Morse served as Secretary.

Reports of the Executive & General Boards:

President’s Report: Britta Lerner

·        Back to School Nights start tomorrow for 6th grade

·        Introduction of Executive and General Boards

Treasurer’s Report: Tammy Roberts

·        See attached Operating Report and Philanthropy Report

·        A motion was made by Sara Spaulding to approve the end of year financial statement and seconded by Catherine Revzon.  Motion Passed

·        A motion was made by Lori Goertz to move $1,978 to the Philanthropy account from the Operating account and seconded by Sara Spaulding.  Motion Passed

·        A motion was made by Sara Spaulding to approve the Operating budget for the 2017-2018 school year and seconded by Sandy Hart.  Motion Passed

Fundraising Report: Catherine Revzon

·        Weston’s Got Talent will be back this year

·        Balloon and Flower fundraisers will continue

·        Last year the middle school hosted the bake sale at the MDF, they will likely do this again this year.

·        There is a possibility of a book fair.

·        There will be a phantom gala in Ocotber.

Philanthropy Report: Britta Lerner

·        There will be a meeting with Principal Doak on Friday, September 8th, there will be items for vote at the 10/3 meeting.

6th Grade Chair Report: Marlo Villepigue

·        BTSN is tomorrow night

7th Grade Chair Report: Sam Leuzzi

·        There will be a social event, more details to come

8th Grade Chair Report: Meri Fidel

·        No report

Communications Report: Kristen Rinaldi

·        A streamlined version of the Link newsletter will be sent out on Sundays

Membership/Directory: Lori Goertz

·        Encourage everyone to join PTO, deadline to be in directory is 9/15.

·        Sponsorships are $100 each, the deadline is 9/15.

Programs: Britta Lerner & Sandy Hart

·        They will be meeting discuss program ideas for this school year.

Staff Appreciation: Darcy Barrera-Hawes

·        There will be 2-3 luncheons this year, will send request for food items.  The luncheons are sponsored by the different grades.

Guest Speakers:

Principal Dan Doak:

·        Introduction of Mr Walters, assistant principal

·        The chrome book rollout has started, they will receive an initation and are asked to charge at home overnight.  If there is a problem with a chrome book there will be a place they can drop it off to be repaired and receive a loaner.

·        There are 588 students currently, including 30 new students.

·        Emotional intelligence will be a big item this year for the district and middle school.  The staff received training last year, will be rolled out to students this year.

·        They will be looking for opportunites for community service

·        Student activity site will be updated

Assistant Principal Dru Walters:

·        There are new options available in the cafeteria.  The number of students buying lunch has increased.

·        6th grade has recess first; 7th and 8th have lunch first

Superintendent Dr. William McKersie:

·        It has been a good start to the year.  Convocation was held last Tuesday, August 29th.

·        In the next week a list of goals for the district will be sent out.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ken Craw:

·        This year there will be science curriculum enhancements

·        The current writing program will be reviewed by the tri-state consortium

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: None

Announcements: The next General Meeting will be held on October 3, 2017, beginning at 9:45am.