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PTO General Meeting Minutes - 11-13-18

Present:  11 general members plus select executive board members


President’s Report: n.b. Britta Lerner subbing for Tammy Roberts; President’s report waived until next PTO meetings. Treasurer’s report placed later in the current agenda to accommodate Philanthropy discussion.

Philanthropy Report: Monica Stromwall reported.

*Core Curriculum Classroom (Adaptive classroom):  All students rotate so all have exposure to standing desks etc. Pilot.    See philanthropy report for details.

VOTE IN FAVOR: Up to $3500 approved. (Britta 1st; Jen 2nd). Motion Passes unanimously.

Principal’s Report:

Ian Hockley (The Wingman Program). Grew out of Sandy Hook.  Dan Doak and teachers to meet with him to train students to be leaders / more action in SOAR Program.

6th grade Public Service seminar: State/Local candidates from both parties came to meet and speak to kids;

6th and 7th grade socials big successes especially with the addition of SRO Kim; Veteran’s Day:

Great Celebration; 12 Vets.  8th grade rotations through. Students got to meet and hear from vets.

Field Trip: Better overall especially Nature’s classroom which has a new director. First year we had parent chaperones—great addition.

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: Catherine Revzon reported that the 2nd annual Phantom Gala was a great success with more bidders this year than last year.  Numbers will be presented at the next meeting.  Concerns were raised about anonymity of bidding and about timing of bids.  These concerns will be addressed and additional feedback will be garnered via a survey.



BUDGET: Presentation/Discussion/Vote: Unanimous.

MINUTES: accepted unanimously as presented.


*New student fundraising Guidelines (see SGA on website)

*Phase II of space utilization study by Milone and McBroome – looking at how school uses facilities and if there are any school-school or school-community synergies

*Overall school test scores are excellent but 7th grade math cohort is being looked at

*Keep an eye out for emails and updates on budget calendar.



SUBJECT: Digital Citizenship (officer Kim to send handouts to Kristin Rinaldi, WMS Communications Chair and she will post on website).


Follow-up general discussion included some concerns about how ELT is being used by students—pros and cons.  This will be addressed by Dan Doak with individual parents but will also be open for discussion during PTO General Meetings.


PTO General Meeting Minutes - 10/2/2018


Call to Order: A meeting of the General Membership of the Weston Middle School PTO was held October 2, 2018. The meeting convened at 10:06 AM.  WMS President Tammy Roberts presided and Stacey Simon served as Secretary.

Reports of the Executive & General Boards:

Approval of Minutes:

·        A motion to approve the minutes from September 11, 2018 was made by Sharon Ferraro and seconded by Christine Harris. Motion Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Jennifer Morse

·        A motion to approve September 2018 financials was made by Tammy Roberts and seconded by Sharon Ferraro.  Motion Approved

·        A motion to release the allocated funds of $300 for Odyssey of the Mind was made by Rose Lovett and seconded by Sharon Ferraro.  Motion Approved

President’s Report: Tammy Roberts

·        Will not be present at the next General Meeting.

·        Permission forms for Halloween social for 6th grade will be going out.

Principal’s Report: Dan Doak

·        Back to School night was successful.

o       Parents got to meet PFA teachers

o       Parking was tight but doable with all three grades present.

·        Nature’s classroom meeting was last week for 6th graders.

·        October 8th – Professional Development for teachers.  ESS (Effective School Solutions) training will meet with teachers for two hours.

Philanthropy Report: Monica Stromwall

·        A motion to approve $800 for Interactive Educational Theatre was made by Sam Leuzzi and seconded by Christine Harris. Motion Approved


Vice President: Christine Harris & Sharon Ferraro

·        Christine presented BOE Report: 

o       New Student Reps were introduced.

o       Facilities Study (Space Utilization Study) is being put together concerning repairs to the buildings. 

o       Moving to Phase II as Phase I is done.

o       Fiscally in a good position

Communications: Kristen Rinaldi

·        No Report.

Fundraising: Tammy Roberts reported for Gemma May

·        Phantom Fundraiser will be all online.

·        Need a chair for the flower fundraiser.

Other Reports:

Dr. McKersie: Superintendent

·        Facilities study Phase I looked at everything and a feasibility analysis was done.

·        Still looking at the benefits and drawbacks of moving from 4 to 3 buildings.

Guest Speaker:

Andre Santelli from Chartwell’s gave a tour of cafeteria and the food offerings.

Adjournment: The meeting on October 2, 2018 adjourned 11:00 AM.

Announcements: The next General Meeting will be held on October 2, 2018 at 10:00 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Simon

Weston Middle School PTO