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‚Äč2017-2018 president BRITTA LERNER


*RETURN LAPTOPS & LIBRARY BOOKS: Don’t forget to return school laptops and chargers before end of year.  Charges for replacements are steep.  Library books—look on shelves under beds and in backpacks and lockers to find these.  It’s important that they are returned before the 22nd.  MOST IMPORTANT: If your child has medication in the nurse’s office, pick it up!


*LOST AND FOUND CLOSING FOR THE SUMMER!  We have finished our clean-up and clean out.  Between now and the end of the school year (6/22) please be sure your child has everything he/she brings to school that day.  We will not be saving any items over the summer with the exception of unclaimed PE uniforms which are being washed and which may be available for those in need in the fall.  Special thanks to Shawn Amato for all of her hard work this year.


*8th GRADE MOVING UP: June 21st.  Bring a smile and some tissues (I shed a few tears last year).  As for the rest of the details, Principal Doak sent out an e-blast to 8th grade families last week.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the front office directly and speak with Dan or Dru as this is a school sponsored event.


*WMS PTO PHILANTHROPY RECAP:  Thanks to your financial and volunteer support, here is what we were able to do for our children and our schools this year: Purchase more cellos to make at-school use more accessible,  hold an evening screening of the movie “Screenagers” followed by a family discussion, support our Robotics Team, offer a school-wide French Concert and Presentation, contribute to the purchase of the Boosters Club NFHS System that will help every school gain taped access to games and performances, implement the WMS Beautification Project which has transformed the front of our school bringing nature and beauty back to our campus, support WMS Odyssey of the Mind, create a WMS Student Tranquility Room where students can study, discuss and decompress in a calm staff-supervised setting.   We also supported our sister schools with monies for the WHS Science Lab and the HES Playground.



JUNE 18th: Balloons delivered to Senior class.  Please volunteer to help pay it forward.  Contact Gemma May at gemmaintheusa@hotmail.com

JUNE 19th: 8th Grade Field Club Day (rain date 6/18)

JUNE 21st: 8th Grade Moving up ceremony

JUNE 22nd: 8th Grade breakfast and slide montage