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‚Äč2017-2018 president BRITTA LERNER



On April 3rd the WMS PTO featured Dr. McKersie who answered final questions before the budget was formally discussed by the BOF that same evening.  Take away points included:

*The budget has been reviewed for months.  It was formulated to make the best use of every dollar while still protecting the best interests of our children but input and community voice is still important. 

*Don’t hesitate to ask questions at the All Town Budget Meeting (ATBM).  Every question is valued.

*ATTEND the ATBM on April 18 at 8:00 pm in the Weston High School Auditorium.  Bring identification; bring questions; bring answers. DO NOT be even ONE MINUTE LATE.  The quorum is called at 8:00 and if there is no quorum, there is no discussion and no vote.



Why cuts in security guards at the lower schools?

*Security has increased greatly over the years; recent changes in security guards are not about ignoring safety but about reallocation of resources to more effective safety techniques (key card entry; deepening police presence etc.)


If we don’t like a part of the budget, should we vote the whole thing down?  How does that work?

*Don’t vote against the budget because you oppose one line item.  That hurts us all because then the budget has to go back to the Boards and every item is up for cutting. Instead …(see below). 


What is our recourse?

*DO advocate if you feel your needs have not been met after the budget has passed.  Your recourse is to get support and then approach the BOE with a request for a supplemental appropriation.


Do we really need Principals and Vice Principals at every school?

There are legal issues and good practice issues that demand this.  However, if you have specific questions about this, speak up at the ATBM.



The following slate of WMS PTO Officers was presented at the April 3rd meeting.  No additional nominations were made from the floor.  The final vote will be taken at the WMS PTO annual meeting and luncheon on June 5th

President: Tammy Roberts

Immediate Past President: Britta Lerner

Vice President Co-Chairs: Christine Harris and Sharon Ferraro

Secretary: Stacey Simon

Treasurer: Jen Morse

Communication/Webmaster: Kristen Rinaldi

Philanthropy: Monica Stromwall

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Gemma May & Alison Martin

8th Grade Chairs: Sam Leuzzi & Sandy Hart

7th Grade Chair: Marlo Villepigue

6th Grade Chair: Meri Fidel

Directory/Membership: Lori Goertz

Lost & Found Co-Chairs: Shawn Amato and Patricia Manea

Programs: Therese Zuch

Publicity: Catherine Revzon

Staff Appreciation: Darcey Hawes, Debra Crespi, Kerrie Rubin



Don’t let the Nor’ Easters fool you—spring is upon us and so are all the wonderful activities that come with it.  Mark your calendars so you can stay involved!


April/May: Teacher appreciation—join us to at the outdoor Middle School picnic tables to mix, meet, greet and gather bunches of flowers into vases for our beloved staff. To volunteer, contact Catherine Revzon at ctmombus@gmail.com or Gemma May at gemmaintheusa@hotmail.com.


May 16th-18th for the WMS Book Fair. Hours: 7:30-2:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with extended hours offered during Art Jam on May 17th from 6:00-7:30 pm.The fair will close on Friday morning at 10:30 am.  Importantly, the WMS Book Fair is geared specifically towards the pre-teen and teen audiences and encourages literacy by introducing students and their families to books they may not otherwise encounter.  The new vendor, Main Street Books (MainStreetBookCompany.com) allows WMS to customize the selection of books to ensure that every reading level is offered unique and appropriate reading options.  For more information contact Jennifer Merced at jamerced@me.com


May 25-28 Memorial Day Fair: Come support WMS by volunteering at our snacks, tats and face painting tent!  Contact Catherine Revzon at ctmombus@gmail.com, Gemma May at gemmaintheusa@hotmail.com or Britta Lerner at bherlitz@optonline.net.


June Graduation Balloons:  PAY IT FORWARD! Help us deliver balloons to Weston High School graduates.  To be part of this amazing school spirit event, contact Catherine Revzon at ctmombus@gmail.com  or Gemma May at gemmaintheusa@hotmail.com.




Wednesday, April 18th, evening: ATBM—Come, voice, vote!


Saturday, April 28th, 2018: Budget Referendum


Wednesday May 16th- Friday May 18—WMS BOOK FAIR!  A whole new concept in Book-Fairing just right for our Middle-Schoolers!


May 25-28 Memorial Day Fair: Volunteer at the Middle School Tent! One hour of magic makes a memorable connection to parents, students and staff.


*June 5th WMS PTO Luncheon!