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‚Äč2017-2018 president BRITTA LERNER




Adapted from “Out of Chaos, Hope” a prayer after Sandy Hook

“Once again, our expectation is shattered by unbearable reality.  Our inability to protect our children exposes our deepest fears. In this time of sadness, let’s honor those who have been lost by binding together and helping each other.  May our hope and our hearts be restored by the belief in a better future.”

The District website and the recent letter from Dr. McKersie outline plans for additional security and the Board of Selectman supplemental appropriations.  Please stay informed, stay active and stay hopeful.



Last week our children were exposed to an amazing experience: A non-electronic zone filled with age-appropriate books to peruse, purchase, share and get excited about!  At Art Jam, parents were included in the experience and the joy was palpable.  MANY THANKS to Jennifer Merced and Lori Goertz who spearheaded and co-chaired this fantastic initiative.  Here’s to many more!



The replanting and renewing of the front of our school is well underway with native plants, florals, and seedlings that are beginning to thrive and beautify our school entrance.  New signs, new planters, garden art, watering bulbs and new hoses have also been donated.  Special thanks to the Weston Beautification Committee, Karin Feingold Landscape Designs, and the WMS PTO for making this possible.  Kudos to the 8th Grade Class who donated four square planters for the stairway.  Students will be planting these soon.    More beautification is to come.  In the meantime, please be sure to keep feet and pets off the new plants.  Be respectful. Volunteers?  Anyone interested in helping to care for these new spaces should contact Britta Lerner at 203-341-9245; bherlitz@optonline.net.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER.  SUMMER WATERERS ARE NEEDED.  IT’S A GREAT FAMILY EXPERIENCE.



May 25-28th: Memorial Day Fair.  Please be sure to support WMS by visiting our tent or volunteering. Contact Catherine Revzon at ctmombus@gmail.com

JUNE 8th: Warrior Day

JUNE 18th: Balloons delivered to Senior class.  Please volunteer to help pay it forward.  Contact Gemma May at gemmaintheusa@hotmail.com

JUNE 19th: 8th Grade Field Club Day (rain date 6/18)

JUNE 21st: 8th Grade Moving up ceremony

JUNE 22nd: 8th Grade breakfast



On Tuesday MAY 1st the WMS PTO met at the Middle School Library for its final regular meeting of the year (the year-end meeting is held during the annual PTO luncheon).  We were fortunate enough to end the year with another great speaker: Principal Doak who offered a wrap-up and took questions re: school year 2017-2018.  Here are some highlights:

DRESS CODE:  The administration understands that the current WMS dress code is antiquated and may seem gender-biased. School leaders are already working to revise the code so that it is gender-neutral and current.  Parent and student input will likely be incorporated before the code is finalized as part of the 2018-2019 school year.  Parents also expressed concern over inconsistencies in the way the dress code is being enforced now.  Principal Doak said that he is speaking with teachers about this so that they don’t overreact to the way a student is dressed, don’t mention it in front of others, and are consistent in the way they enforce the code. He encouraged parents with any further questions to contact him directly. 


More time in the day was another topic in the update.  Principal Doak passed out a proposed new school schedule that has been in the works for over two years.  The goal of the schedule changes (which are barely perceptible to most of us parents) will have a measurable positive impact on many students who have been missing out on PFAs due to TAG or SPED programs. For those students who have not missed out on PFAs, quiet study time, time to get extra help during the regular school day, and other options will be available during this new “Extension” period.  The change will NOT alter start or end times to the school day.


Security was also discussed and BOE Chair Gina Albert, gave an excellent update on this: Increased police presence on the “Mile of Safety”; looking to hire a second SRO (this officer would be placed at WMS, but would have regular presence at the lower schools to help cement that relationship early on and to increase safety awareness); safety protocols and procedures are regularly addressed regarding the entire exterior campus, the exterior of each school, and the interior of each school.


*ADAP for MIDDLE SCHOOL: Don’t let your WMS child (6-8th grades) miss out on this important program that helps educate them about drug and alcohol use—allowing them to listen, learn, and share their feelings in a safe environment.  Each session will include a youth directed topic discussion, cooperative activities, and mindfulness exercises.  Guest speakers, special projects and relevant field trips will be included over the course of the next year.  For more information contact www.westonadap.org 



Look forward to our children enjoying a beautifully redesigned cafeteria in the fall.   Plans are in place and work will begin this summer. 



The following slate of WMS PTO Officers was presented at the April 3rd meeting.  No additional nominations were made from the floor.  The final vote will be taken at the WMS PTO annual meeting and luncheon on June 5th

President: Tammy Roberts

Immediate Past President: Britta Lerner

Vice President Co-Chairs: Christine Harris and Sharon Ferraro

Secretary: Stacey Simon

Treasurer: Jen Morse

Communication/Webmaster: Kristen Rinaldi

Philanthropy: Monica Stromwall

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Gemma May & Alison Martin

8th Grade Chairs: Sam Leuzzi & Sandy Hart

7th Grade Chair: Marlo Villepigue

6th Grade Chair: Meri Fidel

Directory/Membership: Lori Goertz

Lost & Found Co-Chairs: Shawn Amato and Patricia Manea

Programs: Therese Zuch

Publicity: Catherine Revzon

Staff Appreciation: Darcey Hawes, Debra Crespi, Kerrie Rubin