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‚Äč2018-2019 president TAMMY ROBERTS



Welcome back.  I hope everyone had a great Holiday Break. 


Budget season is here and the BOE will be holding informative parent workshops, so you can stay apprised of what is being budgeted/planned for in the schools for next year.  Here are some upcoming dates.


·        There is a Capital Budget BOE Workshop on January 9th, at 9:00 at the Central Office Annex


·        On January 17th at 7 pm, in the WMS Library Media Center, the BOE is having a presentation of the Operating & Capital Budget


·        On January 22nd, at 9 am, Dr. McKersie will discuss the budget to the WMS PTO at our general meeting


·        Later that night the BOE will hold a Q&A session at 6 pm in the WMS Library Media Center


Have a great week,

Tammy Roberts